Jamie's Vacation
By jenny
July 05, 2012
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Jamie Wisdom, our financial coordinator, is back from vacation!

Jamie & her husband, Jason, celebrated their 10th wedding anniversary with a trip to Ocho Rios, Jamaica.  Although we missed her terribly, I am sure that Jamie never thought of us as she relaxed on the beautiful white sand beaches with a refreshing tropical drink! 


"It was nice to have no real schedule and just have FUN...no alarm clock (including a dearly missed bright-eyed daughter with her own internal alarm clock!)...but I am ready to come back to real world now & missed my girls," Jamie said of the trip.  She & Jason have two daughters, Allie (age 6) and Adrianna (age 2) who had their own fun-filled, activity-packed vacation from Mom & Dad staying with Granny & Papa, Nene, and Aunt Nette & Uncle Scott. 




Jason & Jamie looking relaxed & rejuvenated on their shuttle back to the airport, leaving Jamaica :(



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