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As we start to settle into the "schools in" routine, you may be finding Oral Health Coalition flyers in your child's backpack.  Ruopp & Ruopp DDS has once again joined with the Oral Health Coalition to provide free dental screenings and fluoride varnish treatments to our local school children.  These varnishes are the same type we use in our office at your kiddo's routine profession cleaning appointments.  As you may know, we recommend a professional fluoride treatment every six months for most childen.  When you elect for your child to participate in the screening & varnish this fall, another varnish will be provided by the Dental Health Coalition next Spring as well. 

But is fluoride at school and our office too much of a good thing?  Studies suggest a fluoride varnish application 3-4 times a year works best at preventing cavities, especially when maintained over a two year period.  Ideally, these applications are equa-distance apart, but having them more frequently (on occasion) is not cause for concern.  If your child only receives a fluoride varnish at the dentist or at school, there would typically no cause for concern.  However, we would not recommend the treatment more than once weekly.

Our professional dental staff (including Dr. Jan & Pat) will be in several local schools this month, so you may see us out & about!  We love helping the community and keeping the little chompers in Southeast Missouri and surrounding areas healthy!

P.S. Dr. Jan is actually President of Oral Health Coalition and has been since it's inception seven years ago, so you will notice her signature on the information forms you receive.

The Great American Race is coming to Cape Girardeau on June 25th!  Each year the race (comprised of classic cars--manufactured prior to 1969) crosses the country making stops along the way.  This year, The Race will be starting in St. Paul, Minnesota on its journey to Mobile, AL  It crosses the Mississippi River multiple times before ending on June 30th and we are please Cape Girardeau will be a stop on this tour.

The cars will enter Cape at Kingshighway and proceed down Broadway at one minute intervals towards the river.  Cars will park at various locations to give us all a chance to check them out!  Pit Stops along the way will provide snacks, beverages, and giveways.

This year, Ruopp & Ruopp will be a Pit Stop and we are pleased to open our Broadway location to our patients as a great location to enjoy the show.  We are even coordinating our Patient Appreciation Day around the event so you don't have to rush around trying to get supper--just show up & we'll feed you and the family! 

As we all get excited about the upcoming three day weekend & official kickoff to Summer, we want to remind you to BE CAREFUL! 

Be Safe & Have Fun!  

And most importantly, don't forget the meaning of this holiday!  Let's take time to say Thank You to our Military and to remember those who have given their lives for us!


This Talkin' Teeth from Ruopp & Ruopp focuses on your teenager!

We have news for you, just because they're growing up doesn't mean cavities are a thing of the past! Too many snacks, super busy school schedules, and bad nutrtion actually lead teens to have more problems with tooth decay.

Since teenagers are focused on looking their best, remind them brushing, flossing, and regular visits to Ruopp & Ruopp will keep their smiles shining!

Here are some other tips for super smiles:

* Mouth Jewelry may be popular, but the piercings can be dangerous. Since your mouth contains millions of bacteria, infections can be common because of an oral piercing. In fact, swelling could be severe enough to cut off your airway, cause uncontrollable bleeding, or nerve damage. Obviously, chipped or cracked teeth can also be a problem!

* Stay away from smoking and chewing tobacco. Not only is the bad breath it can cause a turn off, but it can kill you! Oral cancer can disfigure you and lead to surgery. Smokeless tobacco is even worse because of the mix of sugar it contains.

* Stop the pop! In short, sodas provide huge doses of sugar you just don't need! Get this - the amount roughly equals the recommended daily limit for sugar consumption from ALL foods! Sports drinks and many fruit juices also contain too much sweet stuff! If you're still not convinced, spoon out 10 level teaspoons of sugar to get an idea of how much you're getting each time you have a soda! Remember diet sodas still have too much acid that will harm enamel.

* Finally wear a mouthguard. Make sure it fits properly. Sports accidents contribute to the leading cause of tooth loss in people under age 35!

When you consider last year adults missed over 164 million hours of work and children missed over 51 million hours of school for dental related problems, that makes keeping your smile in shape all the more important!

Remember at Ruopp & Ruopp we are always here to help keep you and your teen's smile looking good!

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